Helping families care for their loved ones.

Our services

Cleaning Services

Memorial Minders will clean your loved ones headstone, grave site with respect, love and upmost care. We follow few strict guidelines.

Flower services

At Memorial Minders, when it comes to decorating graveyards with flowers, we want to ensure that it meets our customer requirements.

Maintenance services

Most cemeteries reserve the right to conduct safety checks on private gravestones and monuments every few years, to ensure that they are stable. This is where Memorial Minders come in.

About us

 When someone buys a burial plot, they are paying for the exclusive right for a loved one or family members to be buried there. The  family  is responsible for the grave maintenance, subject to the rules of the authority which owns the cemetery and looks after the grounds.

When you’re busy or too far away, don’t neglect your loved ones who have passed on. We can clean the plot, service with flowers(fresh or artificial) and cater for all your needs.

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